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From Genesis to Twitter

One confession I’m willing to make

One conversation I kept private

One thought loud in my mind

One craving I’ve always had

One habit I couldn’t manage…..

“Bibi! What exactly are you driving at?, this piece looks good but I’m actually getting tired of your suspense to be sincere”.

Bubu, my bestie for life, twin sister and first-off audience who always get to hear my vibe first before I tweet them 😁

We’ve been living together since we both dropped out from Law school, that’s by the way…

Presently Bankers, at the same bank and branch. I’ve always been passionate about writing and sharing my thoughts.

Apathetic towards Law but our parents wanted us to continue in their legacy.

Mom, presently a Chief Judge and Dad Ex Chief Judge but retired as National President of the Council of Judges.

We were tied to their own destiny until our results and their money couldn’t keep us anymore in Law school. I was given to writing but Bubu loved banking.

I joined her in banking because I needed money to establish my writing prowess but I never stopped tweeting and Bubu never stopped proofreading.

When Bubu died, I almost lost my mind, I was confused and frustrated, ‘why would God take away someone like Bubu?’

Everyone loved her, she was extra in all, even with our work schedules she never missed any church service; children and teenagers coordinator, Sisters Fellowship president and ofcourse our bible study officer.

Though our parents never had time for such but she was a good definition of dedication and genuine love.

The pastor’s sermon during her burial was from Genesis, he spoke about how God created everything in Light, nothing was made in darkness, revealing to us that God has a plan for everyone and would never leave anyone in darkness as long as they’re with him.

He also shared the last verse of the first chapter with us, “And God saw goodness in all he had made”, telling us it was out of his goodness he took Bubu home having shared the goodness in her.

And since that time I drew closer to God and his word to know his mind concerning me and live out his plans for my life

And in his goodness take me home too when the time comes. So Dear Reader, are you also living out God’s plan for your life?

I miss Bubu and perhaps there’s someone you miss too and instead of living in that grief while not live out your life too with the whole goodness the Lord has deposited in us all.

Thanks for Reading.

Yours Sincerely,

Green (The Village Boy).

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Incoming Call📱

It was a busy Tuesday for Charles, he was rushing to get all things done as usual and did not bother to check the caller when his phone started ringing

Just placed it around his neck and kept checking his records, only if he had known….

If there was any call man should not pick nor entertain, that’s Fear!

Cripples the strongest of men, turns soldiers to a loaf of bread.

Her voice was convincing and seducing, talked him into calling off his wedding coming up in a month’s time.

Made him believe life is not fair, not balanced and should be taken with less risk and commitment.

He was already covered in sweat of low self-esteem and not even the sophisticated air conditioner in his office could refresh him as he stood there since he picked up the call

She told him, more reasoning and less praying, to be more conscious of himself and never to be concerned about others opinion.

Depression was telling on him with suicidal options staring at him as he was in debts already

Not to trust or entrust anyone with his plans, nor invest in those big deals John had pulled up for him as a brother-in-law.

Never to swim in waters that he’s not aware of its depth and before he knew it, he was left with nothing. Oh! what a call

I would never advice you to pick up such call, for those that picks up such never dropped and remain the same.

Dear Reader, “Perfect Love casteth out fear, for fear is a torment itself”.

Check the caller before picking that incoming call!

Thanks for Reading💕

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Developing Feelings 202 : (Grand Finale) Can 16 be in Love?

Impossible! She screamed, there would be no such feeling in my home, in Jesus name!!

Mommy, I don’t…… think….. that’s the… best way to explain it to her, she snapped back at me in no time, “oh oh, so that’s what you would say? Hmmmn, world best sister!”

“No mom, don’t mean it that way, I’m sorry but… ” couldn’t explain myself before she attacked me again.

“Don’t but me! young woman!”.

Charis, my sixteen year old lil Sis ran out crying while I was trying to explain to mom that there’s a better way to relate to her daughter’s feeling.

At least its a good step, that she didn’t go elsewhere to talk about it.

They’re young yet smart and curious, failure to give them the needed answers especially when it has to do with emotions; what they’ve never experienced, they would just end up consulting the wrong medium and we would have to live with it.

Sincerely, I’m not giving my consent to such confluence but explanation is needed especially when your children open up to you on how they really feel.

Prayers won’t explain it to them, it’s not a deliverance service that will sort it out, yes it’s a serious issue but shouting won’t get them on the right track

But sitting them down and explain why 16 is special and emotions are delicate.

Few books I can recommend on this note for you, dear reader :

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons by Dr. Meg meeker

Raising Strong Daughters in a toxic culture by Dr. Meg meeker

Safe House by Dr. Joshua Straub

Bringing up girls by Dr. James dobson

The New Dare to Discipline by Dr. James dobson

To get more books, counselling session and more, feel free to mail us:

Don’t leave your children to the mouth of wolves and don’t send them to the lion’s den.

Thanks for Reading

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Developing Feelings 201

Hey! You remember me right?, head usher with the big feeling 😊.

What would you say to me now, “babe, I thought you’re over this and all, why this episode?”.

Well, all was smooth and clear until our music coordinator said he wanted to see me.

We are both Head of department in the church, never had any personal discussion apart from our general monthly meetings as HOD’s.

So I didn’t read any meaning to our ‘need to meet’, till we met at the church’s cafeteria after a youth fellowship on this particular wednesday.

And Uhmmn, I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t find it funny when anyone says, “The Lord said”, seeing we have many lords this days oh, some are even lord of themselves.

Well this wasn’t the case with Brandon as he shared his experience which was similar to mine, of how he had been developing feelings

Prudently curbing it yet felt the urge to talk to me about it, let me stop here 😊

See the Lord allows us to walk a path sometimes to help others through it, yours might not even be emotional wise.

It could be psychological or academical flaws, financial crisis, addictions, even Family episodes especially polygamous home, materialism or lack of communication.

Some could even be insecurities, low self esteem or not even heeding to correction

While yours could even be anger management and many more. So we could help others when they find themselves at this crossroads.

And if we truly passed that phase then surely I can tell you Dear reader

That you’re ready for what’s coming next.

So, yes like you imagined, I’m the one he has feelings for and we are at the pastor’s office now 😁

To be continued….

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ConFessions of LOVE

I can’t deny that my Love for you have not changed, it burns as the day goes by.

Can’t deny your ways and actions don’t break my heart too.

How you treat me, doubt my love for you despite the countless proof I’ve shown, which everyone can bare witness to just to see how sincere I am.

I’ve loved just you and that’s enough for me.

I don’t mind knocking at this iron bars even when the rains drench me, sun scorches, just waiting for you to open up but you never hear. You run to me when you feel like or in dire need.

I care so I stay and never deny you whatever you needed time after time.

I’m not complaining nor wanting you to feel guilty, just want you to give me a chance. Spend atleast a while with me, if it’s worth it or not you get to decide. I really hope you see this and know how much I love you and care about you.

I remain your True Friend, JESUS.

Please reply when you can.


Green (The Village Boy).

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“I Know Someone”

Oh! “I know someone”. That’s how my friend, Flora injects her response to every matter that is tabled before her.

We use to laugh and admire her unique way of conversing with people (No complete conversation without a reference).

So anytime she’s set to respond to any matter, I would chorus her first line along with her, “I know someone”…😁

   ‘I know someone this same thing happened to’, ‘I know someone who also never got it right treading on such path’, ‘I know someone who is into such business too’, endlessly without using same reference twice.

She seems to know a lot of people but what kept me curious is how her knowing has really made her valuable and influential even when she’s just in her early twenties.

We are all who we are because of who we know. Many have gone far through whom they know and some remained at a spot also through whom they know.

Dear reader, going far has nothing to do with the list of people you know but their worth.

And I also know someone, who can really influence your life positively and exponentially. He’s Jesus 🙏 who do you know?

And if you want to have him with you, Just repeat after me.. 

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you died for me, ressurected and now seated with the Father. Please reveal yourself to me that I may know you better and closer.  Amen

For more details and questions Whatsapp only: 09033887520

Thanks for Reading,

Yours Truly,

Green (The Village Boy).

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Betta Soup na money keeel am!

The Smith’s Family Mansion was the First and only completed building (built in 3months during reccesion) in our street and our cubicle of ‘face me i slap you’ next in line.

No day goes by without the aroma of their delicacies filling up our stomach

but with insatiable hunger and cloud of imaginations that remains real only in our memory.

Endless sound of parties every weekend, we never even got to see their faces, just by the engrafted sign on their well architectured walls ‘THE SMITH’S PRIDE’, we knew their name.

    We would devour with contentment our dry bitter-leaf soup and Garri, and imagine the fried chicken of the Smith’s

set along with a glass of Red wine in their dinning, while we gather round on our mat and ‘Kwander’ all the way.

Sometimes we wondered what kind of path we chose from creation, ending up here while we could have been the Smith’s children

or better still; Dangotes’, Adenugas’, Tinubus’, even from wilder imaginations, the Trump’s, Zuckerberg’s, the Obama’s and so on. I believe you’ve also thought that way or who doesn’t want a life with comfort and ease.

And just like the pidgin proverb says, “Betta Soup na money keeel am”, so was the story of the Smith’s…

until we saw the Law Enforcement Agency carting them all away and sealing up thier mansion for involvement in fraudulence and many other cases unknown to us.

Oh! Dear reader,  you can imagine what our feelings were at that point.

And this Coin i give you Dear Reader, be content with what you’ve got today

(Prov.23:17) envy no one, for their today can be your tommorow and your tommorow can also start today, if you act Right!.

Thanks for Reading/Sharing

Yours Truly,
Green (The Village Boy).

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Oh! That Gucci Feeling

I couldn’t stop staring at my shoes even as its been on my feet for the past 4 hours.

Oh don’t look at me like you’ve never been there, when you get to put on those designers you’ve always loved especially when it comes as your birthday gift. Oh! That Gucci feeling!

   I admired my feet over and over as the praise went on,

one eye opened during worship, uncontrollable gestures during prayers,

and oh dear, during preaching i couldn’t help the feeling…

Was in my paradise, until a baby sitted on his mom’s lap right beside me

vomited on me from my versace- ‘Barocco-Acanthus print crépe de chine’ Top to my ‘Floral Lace hem pencil’ Skirt and ofcourse my Jordaan Loafer Gucci shoes! Gosh!

I couldn’t scream, you should have seen my doctored gusto! cos we were in church ofcourse

“So sorry ma’am” the mother said. My smile was convincing, end of story…

It was time for offering, the moment I’ve been waiting to display my high class and splendour

which was now shattered by this look-like intentional incidence.

Had to take in the shame with all of its concomitant worries, stepped out and that’s how my service ended.

How i have wasted 5 hours dear reader,  seeking for relevance, acceptance, admiration and non-stop complement

Now i leave you to ponder on what manner of lady I’ve potrayed myself to be and who You’re also and trying to become.

Thanks for Reading.

Yours truly,
Green (The Village Boy).

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All of a sudden, he became my prayer point, bed imagination and the only ‘Zee World Series’ playing in my head oh! 😣

Truly the book of Ecclesiastes is void of imperfections when the writer says, “Out of the multitude of businesses (thoughts), dreams cometh” .

  I had boiled same water three times for my Dad, until his voice brought me back to sanity.

‘Beulah’, he called me as he often does when he wants to get my complete attention”.

Today, you will share with me what has been clouding your mind”, ‘Oh, no Dad!’, you’d say that too if you were in my shoes, right?

I was agaped, “how did you know Dad?”. He looked at me and said, “Really! 😊

Well, did you know that you no longer smile as you used to?, chat with me as usual, never completing a full sentence, longer times at the rest rooms, talk to yourself more than with others, unneccesarily engaged with too much all of a sudden, always indoor, and many more which is unlike you, for the past three months now?”.

He turned off the gas, led me to the dining, “Care to share?” he said, with that his ‘Daddy is here baby’ compassionate look.

I have never felt relieved as that moment I got to share every single piece of my heart with Dad, who later informed me that even this dude in question was already engaged and had come to him for counseling. I look like an idiot right😇?,

So much enjoyed every bit of conversation with my dad, we laughed over it 珞 built upon it and today I’ve never felt more free!

Are you developing feelings too? Talk to Daddy oh! Yes, My Jesus 💕

He is the Best Listener and Counsellor ever!

Thanks for Reading.

Yours Sincerely,
Green (The Village Boy).

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“let’s go for Lunch after service, if you don’t mind”.

I was overjoyed in my heart!

Already saying the whole ‘thank you’ and all sorts until funbi’s face of “babe, you fumbling” pressed deep into my skin.

Oh dear!
that was when the resonance became clear

“Will you follow us for lunch after service? as we still have a program for 2pm, so we won’t be late”….

What’s happening to me?, i was cruising again in my wonderland.

Have tried many bible verses but TOLD NO ONE ABOUT THIS WRESTLING IN MY HEART!

Dear Reader, a million scriptures would not dissolve a thought you’ve chosen to cage in your heart.

Free that Bird by talking to someone today or you end up shooting yourself in the leg 😣

Well I’ve had my own share right? I’m thinking….. Should i just talk about it?,

should i walk up to him?, that doesn’t sound appropriate right?, should i tell funbi or just walk away?

But walking away won’t help too, what do you think…?

To be Continued….

Yours Truly,
Green (The Village Boy).

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